10 Reasons to Immediately Visit Shushi

Shushi is one of the most important cities in the history of Armenia. It is famous not only as an important political and cultural center but also for its architectural buildings, wonders created by nature and people.

ArmScoop presents a few facts that will make you immediately take your backpack and visit Shushi. It is also possible that you will decide to permanently move to that unique city.

1.Shushi fortress


Shushi is one of those unique Armenian cities where the walls of the fortresses remained to these days. Thanks to this we can not only understand the special characteristics of urban development, but also we can imagine ourselves going through ancient times. For doing this one just needs to get on the wall of the fortress and use his/her imagination. Artsakh’s brave Avan centurion is waiting for you!

2.A City of Victory

The victory of the Artsakh war is celebrated on May 9th.  It is not a random day. Just the day before Shushi was liberated. The spirit of war and victory is preserved in the city until today. And if you decide to learn more about the history of Artsakh War you should begin with exploring Shushi and the biggest Armenian weddings- “Wedding in the Mountains” and “ 700 Simultaneous Weddings”.

3.“Ghazanchetsots Cathedral” and “The Green Church”

shushiThe symbol of Shushi is an angel holding a trumpet. It was created similar to the ornaments of one of the Shushi’s greatest wonders- Cathedral of the Holy Savior. The 19th century building made of white stones is named “Ghazanchetsonts “ as Armenian tinsmiths donated significant part of money for its construction. (Ghazanchi- tinsmith, a person who makes boilers and containers). The church is the administrative center of the Diocese of Artsakh.


Next religious wonder is The Green Church. It received its name because it used to have a green dome. The church and its courtyard are among those cozy and beautiful places of Shushi where one can enjoy a nice rest.

4.Jdrduz (Katarot Valley)

If you enjoy looking at monuments created by the nature then you definitely need to visit Jdrduz. It is about 5 hectares of field, which is a part of the state natural-historical reserve- “Hunot Canyon”. If you are planning to drop by Jdrduz then continue your way, you should change your mind. One cannot simply help admiring the view of canyon that opens from Jdrduz. Therefore, plan to spend a couple of hours there.

5.Hunot Canyon


Near the Hounot canyon, along the river Karkar and the ruins of 18th  century village Hunot (ancient bridges, mills, caves), you will see “Zontikner.”  “Zontikner” or “Mossy Stone” waterfall is a natural water source that originates from the canyon and forms a waterfall with a shape of an umbrella. The natural pool near the waterfall can serve as a perfect place for spending family holidays.



Shushi’s diverse monuments are the proof of its rich cultural history. The five Iranian mosques in the city are particularly interesting. These exclusive pieces of Islamic culture remain under the sponsorship of the state. They are among the favorite places of tourists visiting Armenia.

7.The Recovering City With Preserved Architecture


When visiting Shushi you will immediately notice that the city is recovering from the effects of war. It is interesting to mention, however, that despite all the restoration work historical features of the city are carefully preserved. The Real College building, the old bazaar, mosques and schools revitalize the look of the 19th century. We believe that Yerevan has much to learn from Shushi.


8.The Museum of Carpets


There is a unique museum in Shushi- Artsakh Museum of Ancient and Modern Carpets. You can sit on historical carpets, listen to interesting stories of the staff and make predictions on the ornaments of carpets. Finally, you can buy one if you want. In addition to this museum, there are also other similar institutions. For example, the State Museum of Geology after Gregory Gabrieliants (with several hundred exhibits of minerals), Museum to the History of Shushi City and etc.

9.People of Shushi


The greatest possession of Shushi is its people.  Shushi is populated not only with locals but also with people from all over the world. One example is this french-armenian guy.

10.Shushi University of Technology


Visitors of Shushi desire to stay longer in Shushi and not only as a tourist. If you are thinking about receiving good education then you should consider the opportunity of studying at the higher education institution in Shushi starting from September, 2016. University Rector H. Tokmajyan claims that the university is unique and innovative with its teaching methodology, campus and new buildings.

Therefore, if you have not decided where to study, pay close attention to Shushi’s Technological University. Young professionals are also welcome to apply for a job as a lecturer. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact the university via its official website http://shushitech.am.


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